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Do you want to see your publications on Amazon and the Apple iBookstore? Do you want a worldwide readership with minimal distribution costs?

If you want to publish and sell your print and ebooks, we can help.



EdgeWise.PH is a webzine for Filipino college students who want to take charge of their careers — and their futures — while still in school. The job market is tough, and the rest of the world is their competition. We’re here to help those who know early on that they want to get ahead.


Bronze Age Media organizes career development events to help young professionals and college students envision and chart their own career paths. Read more >>

Corporate Communications Services

We work closely with you to develop your message and identify the best medium to communicate your information. Our diverse skills include technical writing, editorial services, public relations, corporate communications, event documentation, print and electronic graphic design and publications, multimedia, and video.

Print on Demand

Are you an author looking to publish your book? Why not publish it yourself?

We can help you through the self-publishing process. All you need is a .pdf file of your manuscript, and in return, you get a professionally-bound book made to your specifications. With no minimum orders, you publish only as many copies as you need when you need them. Nothing can be more convenient and affordable.

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